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┬ęThe Kyoto Costume Institute, photo by Toru Kogure


Early 19th century-unknown (Country)

Brown coutil; boned at bust.

This garment is an earlier form of the brassiere, separated into left and right is to wrap around the chest with its cords. During the time of the French Revolution, women no longer wore the corset and the pannier, and the trend of fashion dramatically shifted from the rococo to a rational, neoclassical style. This item is underwear from that transition period. Around 1804, a new type of a soft corset without whalebones came into use, and so the corset once again became an indispensable part of women's wardrobe. During this time, corsets also served the function of a brassiere. The Brassieres, however, were not introduced to the world until the 20th century.

Inventory Number(s): AC210 77-11-50AB