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Hat, 1905-1909 ©The Kyoto Costume Institute, photo by Taishi Hirokawa

Throughout history, clothing and people's lifestyles have been closely interlinked, and tracking the way that clothing changes within the historical and social environment forms the core of research at KCI. The concept of fashion emerged from the modern society of western European culture, and is now a nearly worldwide passion that has a direct impact on the clothing we wear. Fashion is intimately connected with many of the factors that define our society, and KCI examines this from an interdisciplinary academic viewpoint, constantly watching for new social trends.

Curatorial Staff

Akiko FUKAIDirector, Curator Emeritus

Curriculum Vitae

Joined the KCI in 1979. Chief Curator in 1990. Fukai supervised the collection, conservation, research, publishing and exhibitions. Organized many major fashion exhibitions in Kyoto, Tokyo, London, Paris, and New York, and supervised the catalogues. Director since 1996, Curator Emeritus since 2015.

Makoto ISHIZEKICurator

Curriculum Vitae

Working from 2001 at the KCI, an associate curator since 2009, and a curator since 2011. Vice-supervisor of the curatorial section. In charge of KCI's bulletin Fashion Talks..., study of contemporary fashion. Master's degree at the Kyoto University.

Tamami SUOHCurator

Curriculum Vitae

Working from 1985 at the KCI, an assistant curator since 1992, and a curator since 2001. In charge of collection, study of fashion from the 18th to the 19th Century. A graduate of the Doshisha University.

Rie NIICurator

Curriculum Vitae

Working from 1990 at the KCI, an assistant curator since 2000, an associate curator since 2004, and a curator since 2010. In charge of Digital Archives, publicity work of the curatorial section, and study of fashion in the 20th Century. A graduate of the Kwansei Gakuin University.

Naoko TSUTSUICurator

Curriculum Vitae

Working from 2000 at the KCI, an assistant curator since 2004, an associate curator since 2013, and a curator since 2017. In charge of collecting documents and books for reference. Master's degree at the Kobe Women's University.

Michimasa OGATAAssistant Curator

Curriculum Vitae

Working from 2015 at the KCI as Assistant Curator. In charge of KCI� s bulletin Fashion Talks.... Master�s Degree at the University of Tokyo.

Masako MATSUSAKAAssistant Curator

Curriculum Vitae

Working from 2017 at the KCI as Assistant Curator. Master's Degree at the University of Tokyo.

Moe SATOAssistant Conservator

Curriculum Vitae

Working from 2016 at the KCI as assistant conservator, in charge of conservation of collection. Doctor's degree at the Kyoto Institute of Technology.

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