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Terms of use

Terms of use

1. Scope of this convention

This convention determines the terms of use regarding the website of the Kyoto Costume Institute (hereafter called "KCI"), whose website URI is (hereafter called "this website"). This website is managed and operated by KCI and its management company. Please read the following terms of use thoroughly before using this website. Upon your use this website you shall be considered as having agreed to these terms of use.

2. Links

We do not object to your linking to this site for non-commercial purposes. However, we expect the following rules to be observed:

3. Rights

Unless otherwise noted, all copyrights and other rights inherent in the content uploaded on this website are owned by KCI, or licensed to KCI. The unauthorized reproduction, copying, alteration, distribution, and use of the content of this website are prohibited.
Copyright and other proprietary rights of the signed articles, including summaries of lectures, interviews, are held by the authors and KCI. Users may download these files for limited non-commercial and personal use only.

4. Personal Information

KCI handles with the utmost care all mail addresses, passwords, and other personal information acquired from registrations to this website. KCI shall not take responsibility for any wrongful use, including use by others of personal information and identity theft, except in the case of a data administration problem. Misconduct and input of false information in the use of this website will result in the suspension of your use.

5. Disclaimer

Product sales prices, etc., may change without notice. In addition, alteration to content and/or URI of this website, and interruption or suspension of its operation may occur without notice. We shall take no responsibility for any and all damages incurred due to access and/or use of this website, change of this website's content and/or URI, and interruption or suspension of its operation.
We do not guarantee the content of any third party website not under our administration, regardless of whether it is linked this website, and shall take no responsibility for any and all damages incurred due to use of such website. Regardless of its intent, such a website may acquire your personal information, and therefore please take sufficient care in your handling of it.
We shall take no responsibility for any and all accidents and/or damage to software and hardware incurred due to use of this website.

6. Revisions of terms

KCI may modify or revise these Terms of use at any time without prior notice. Please review the then-current Terms of use periodically.

7. Governing laws

Interpretation and adaptation of this website and the terms of use shall be compliant with the laws of Japan.

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