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Sweater [Left] Blouse and Vest [Right]

© The Kyoto Costume Institute, photo by Takashi Hatakeyama

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Sweater [Left]
Blouse and Vest [Right]

c. 1971 [Left]
1972 (blouse), 1974 (vest) [Right]

Sonia Rykiel [Left]
Sonia Rykiel [Right]
Sonia Rykiel [Left]
Sonia Rykiel [Right]
SONIA RYKIEL(blouse) [Right]
Dark green knit woven with girl motif at front; rib-knit around sleeves and hem. [Left]
Red cotton gauze blouse with fruit print; black and red jacquard knit vest, black mohair around sleeves and neck, rib-knit at hem. [Right]
Credit Line
Gift of Ms. Yoshiko Okamura [Left]
Inventory Number(s)
AC7778 93-22-2 [Left]
AC9350 96-20-9, AC4898 84-26-2 [Right]

This is the early work of a Sonia Rykiel, who transformed knitting clothes considered for daily wear, into fashionable outfit.
In the 1970s, gained power as fashionable and real couture of the time, prêt-à-porter took the place of Haute Couture that was no longer the source of new trends. Rykiel started her career in 1962. She presented knit outfits emphasizing the slender female body. Aside from fashionable knits, Rykiel also proposed clothes that had seams on the outside of the cloth, and clothing without hems, called "sans couture" clothing. Rykiel led others into a new era unbound by tradition.