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収蔵品紹介27:優雅な生活――18世紀ヨーロッパ貴族の装い/"Pick out from The KCI's collection, No. 27" at the KCI Gallery

2018.06.07 Update



出展作品:18世紀の女性服、男性服 計5点。その他、扇、バッグ、ストッキング等のアクセサリー類、ファッション・プレート。

Dress, c. 1775, England
©The Kyoto Costume Institute, photo by Toru Kogure

"Pick out from The KCI's collection, No. 27" at The KCI Gallery

Title: Art of Elegance: manners and costumes of European nobility in the 18th century

The life of European royalty and nobility in the 18th century was ostentatious and intimate: demonstrating their hereditary privilege through ceremonies at Court, while diverting themselves by spending their time with those close to them. Fashions of the time could enrich the social and private life of this upper class, and functioned as a superficial determinant of their behavior.
Through dresses and accessories for various occasions with posed mannequins, the exhibition illustrates a part of their way of life.

*This exhibition is held on KCI's 40th anniversary: several works are displayed in a similar way they were in KCI's past exhibition "Revolution in Fashion" in 1989.

Exhibits: 5 woman's and man's dresses of the 18th century; various accessories including fan, bag, and stockings; fashion plates.
Period: May 28 - August 17, 2018
Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (No admission after 4:30 p.m.)
Closed on Saturday, Sunday, and July 16th (National Holiday).
Venue: KCI Gallery
Entrance: Free

* KCI does not own a permanent exhibition gallery.
* The space of the gallery is 86m² (926 ft²).