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Autumn/Winter 1993

Koji Tatsuno
Koji Tatsuno
Copper brown nylon net; spiral pattern.
Inventory Number(s)
AC12207 2010-8-1

Voluminous waves of flounces create a kinetic form. Just like many other dresses by Tatsuno, this dress has a unique structure: a combination of two huge circles, each made from nylon net ribbons sewn up in spirals.
After he moved to London from Japan in 1980, Tatsuno learned fashion by himself. Free from preconceptions about conventional materials or cutting methods, he created dresses in his own way. After founding "Culture Shock" in 1983, he established "Koji Tatsuno" (1990-1994) and participated in the Paris Collection. Although he was engaged in the prêt-a-porter business, he introduced one-of-a-kind dresses and art-oriented clothes. He took charge of the prêt-a-porter line for Grès in 2003.
This dress was used as a costume for the main character of a film titled "The Pillow Book" (directed by Peter Greenaway (1942–)) in 1996.