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Coat, Pantyhose, Pumps, and Sunglasses

© The Kyoto Costume Institute, photo by Masayuki Hayashi

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Coat, Pantyhose, Pumps, and Sunglasses

Autumn/Winter 2011

Kunihiko Morinaga
Double-breasted coat of beige polyester/cotton twill laser cut and heat-sealed with high-frequency welder in pixel mosaic pattern; multicolor nylon pantyhose; pumps of printed textile with 3D printed resin heels; acryl board sunglasses.
Inventory Number(s)
AC12750 2011-35AI, AC12751 2011-36 (Sunglasses)

The theme of the Anrealage's Fall/Winter 2011 collection is “Low,” referring to the low-resolution aesthetics that are easily overlooked in an era focused on making things easier to see and easier to understand. Noticing how shapes can change according to the resolution, Kunihiko Morinaga lowered the resolution of images of garments to produce rough mosaic patterns, then used lasers to precisely cut out of the fabric parts into 1.5cm squares, following the pixel contours. The entire outfit was welded together manually without needles or thread. Morinaga is constantly exploring practical ways of applying technology to fashion, and this is an example of fusing a low-tech, manual style with next-generation technology. Established by Kunihiko Morinaga in 2003, ANREALAGE takes its name from a coinage that combines the words A REAL, UN REAL, and AGE. Morinaga’s designs emphasize things overlooked in daily life as time goes by.