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Autumn/Winter 2009

Yoshikazu Yamagata, Kentaro Tamai
Different fragments of paper gathered and formed with packing tape and staples; trimmed with imitation pearls, CDs, shells, plastic forks, aluminum foil, styrene foam, paper, etc.; covered with transparent tape.
Inventory Number(s)
AC12051 2009-24

The silhouette of this irregular, asymmetrical dress is formed with paper and packing tape, and two CDs set into the chest provide an eye-catching feature. Everyday items such as styrene foam, plastic cutlery, and aluminum foil are also used for ornamentation. However, no use at all is made of fabric, which is the main material generally used in apparel. Avoiding the use of fabric was an experiment by writtenafterwards for this season.
The writtenafterwards label was established by Yoshikazu Yamagata and Kentaro Tamai in 2007. Both graduated from Central Saint Martins and served as design assistants—Yamagata for John Galliano and Tamai for Margaret Howell. The two had been acquaintances while students, and they established their brand after returning to Japan.

The theme of the Autumn/Winter 2009 collection in which this dress debuted was “Graduate Fashion Show - 0 Points.” The idea came from graduation collections, which function as the starting points for students aiming to become fashion designers, For the show, pieces were made using leftover scraps and unneeded bits gathered from actual graduation projects at fashion schools and art schools. “0 points” is also a reference to academic grades. The designers are attempting to find the remnants of creativity and new fashion potential in materials discarded by graduation projects, that is to say, materials that have been deemed to have zero value.