Curatorial StaffCuratorial Staff

Curatorial Staff

©The Kyoto Costume Institute, photo by Mai Narita
  • Director, Curator Emeritus

    Akiko Fukai

    Began working at the KCI in 1979, named Chief Curator in 1990. Fukai supervised every facet of the institute, including the collection, conservation, research, publishing and exhibition planning. She organized fashion exhibitions and corresponding catalogues for major exhibitions in Kyoto, Tokyo, London, Paris, and New York. Named Director in 1996, and Curator Emeritus in 2015.

  • Curator

    Makoto Ishizeki

    Began working at the KCI in 2001. Named Associate Curator in 2009, before becoming Curator in 2011. Oversees the KCI's journal Fashion Talks.... Specializes in contemporary fashion. Master's degree at the Kyoto University.

  • Curator

    Tamami Suoh

    Began working at the KCI in 1985. Named Assistant Curator in 1992, before becoming Curator in 2001. Specializes in the 19th century fashion, and also handles collecting. A graduate of the Doshisha University.

  • Curator

    Rie Nii

    Began working at the KCI in 1990. Named Associate Curator in 2004, before becoming Curator in 2010. Specializes in the 20th century fashion and also handles Digital Archives, publicity work of the curatorial section. A graduate of the Kwansei Gakuin University.

  • Curator

    Naoko Tsutsui

    Began working at the KCI in 2000. Named Associate Curator in 2013, before becoming Curator in 2017. Specializes in the early 20th century fashion and also handles collecting documents and books. Master's degree at the Kobe Women's University.

  • Assistant Curator

    Sen Isozumi

    Began working at the KCI in 2022. Named Assistant Curator. Master's Degree at the University of Kobe.