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c. 1922

Zimmermann / Raul Dufy (textile)
Zimmermann 10 Rue des Pyramides. PARIS
Silk crepe with rose print; panels of black "crêpe de Chine"; black rayon fringe at hem.
Inventory Number(s)
AC9171 94-38-2

The textile of this dress was designed by painter Raoul Dufy (1877–1953) for a famous textile manufacturer Bianchini-Ferrier in Lyon. Zimmermann made up a dress with the textile, utilizing the border part where red roses are depicted. The rose is one of the Dufy's favorite motifs. In this fabric, the roses executed by block print provides an artisanal touch.
Dufy worked with Bianchini-Ferrier between 1912 and 1928, and provided a number of designs. The resulting textiles were often used by Zimmermann, Poiret, and other designers.